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In 2020, we were able to secure numerous new orders and implement crucial projects with best results. A selection thereof is presented in brief in the following.

Commissioning project

Successful capacity expansion

Foto: SMS group: Stahlwerk von Big River Steel mit von der SMS group gelieferten mechanischen Ausrüstung, Elektrik, Automation und Digitalisierungstechnik

For the expansion of its steelworks in Osceola, Arkansas, we supplied to U.S.-American producer Big River Steel (BRS) all mechanical equipment, electrical and automation systems as well as the digitalization technology. This has doubled the mill’s annual capacity to approximately three million tons of steel.

3D-printed hydraulic manifold block

Abbildung: SMS group: Hochgeschwindigkeits-Freiformschmiedepresse

At German forging company Gustav Grimm Edelstahlwerk GmbH & CO. KG, located in Remscheid, we put into operation a 31.5/34-MN high-speed open-die forging press. For the first time, we installed an additively manufactured hydraulic manifold block. As the 3D-printed component is made without joints, leaking of oil is securely prevented.

Demolition of the old press and installation of the new one, including subsequent acceptance tests, were completed within a period of just eleven weeks.

First cold strip coil

Foto: SMS group: Reversier-Kaltwalzanlage in Produktionshalle mit gelieferten Produktionsanlagen von der SMS group

In August 2020, Miory Steel rolled the first coil on its new reversing cold mill (RCM). The RCM is part of a completely new, integrated and expandable production complex for the manufacture of tinplate. SMS group supplied all essential production equipment for the new facility, including the complete rolling and strip processing lines and the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems.

New heat treatment line for large-diameter pipes

Foto: SMS group: Fertigungshalle von Seversky Pipe Plant

In Russia, Seversky Pipe Plant, a company of TMK Group, started up one of the world’s largest and most productive facilities. Despite the COVID-19-related limitations, we were able to complete our mission in due time. The new line allows TMK to expand its portfolio by fully finished high-quality pipes for the oil and gas industry.

Electric arc furnace upgrade

Foto: SMS group: Durch die SMS group modernisierter Elektrolichtbogenofen eines Werks in Rayong

For Siam Construction Steel Company Ltd., Thailand, we modernized an 80-ton electric arc furnace. The Rayon works could be restarted after a downtime of just ten months. The improved sealing of the furnace, as a result of the upgrade, provides higher productivity and better operator safety.

Complete energy distribution system supplied

Foto: SMS group: 2 SAF-Öfen stehen auf einem Platz

At PMB Silicon we installed and commissioned two submerged arc furnaces (SAF) and supplied the complete energy distribution system for the facility.

Fit for coming infrastructure projects

Foto: SMS group: Trägerstraßen von der SMS group in einer Anlage von Maanshan Iron & Steel Co.

Since 1993 already, Masteel has been operating heavy-beam mills from SMS group. Last year, the Ma’anshan location in China was expanded by another heavy section mill. In a fast ramp-up, the design capacity was not only reached but even exceeded. Masteel is the only Chinese manufacturer capable of producing beams with a root face thickness of up to 1,100 millimeters and a flange width of 500 millimeters, in addition to beams with a flange thickness of up to 130 millimeters. Such products are used in the bridge and building construction sector.

Extrusion technology for light metal on the road to success

Foto: SMS group: Strangpresslinie HybrEx®40 mit Logo der SMS group

UACJ Extrusion Nagoya Corporation will in the future produce light-metal automotive components at its Nagoya location in Japan on an extrusion press line supplied by SMS. The HybrEx®40 press, the core unit of the line, is one of our latest-generation presses which use hybrid drive technology to significantly reduce energy consumption compared to conventional extrusion presses.


High-precision rolling

Foto: SMS group: Reversier-Kaltwalzanlage in Produktionshalle mit gelieferten Produktionsanlagen von der SMS group

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Masteel) has placed an order with our Austrian subsidiary TBK Automation und Messtechnik GmbH for the supply of the world’s largest PROgauge laser-based light-section measuring system. The system will enhance the heavy section mill we installed at Masteel, enabling inline section measurement and analysis of surface defects that may occur during the rolling process.

Innovative contractual relationship

Foto: SMS group: Produktionshalle mit einer von der SMS group gelieferten Pulververdrüsungsanlage

Outokumpu has selected us to supply a powder atomization plant which will be our first facility worldwide to be operated on the basis of a subscription contract. This means SMS will remain the owner of the plant, while Outokumpu, the operator, will pay us pro rata of the quantity of stainless-steel powder produced.

For next-generation aircrafts

Foto: SMS group: Triebwerk eines Flugzeugs

Wuxi Paike, domiciled in China, will be well prepared for the manufacture of next-generation jet engines for the aviation industry. The company counts on the world’s largest ring rolling machine used to produce components for aircraft engines. The machine to be supplied by SMS will roll engine rings up to maximum 1,500 millimeters high.

Steel industry with new world record

Foto: SMS group: Von der SMS group errichtete Stranggießanlage

For its customer Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Works Co. (JYXC), Ltd., China, SMS Concast will set up a cutting-edge caster able to produce round blooms of 1,200 millimeters diameter in a curved casting process – a record in steel production technology.

Multi-talented extrusion press for the mobility of the future

Foto: SMS group: Produktionshalle in China mit einer von der SMS group gelieferten Leichtmetall-Strangpresse

Shandong Weiqiao Light Metal Co., Ltd., China, has placed an order with us covering the supply of a multi-functional light-metal extrusion press. This investment marks the entry into a new business area and enables the company to extrude products needed in the automotive sector, especially for the production of electric vehicles.

Forging line for the Chinese car and truck market

Foto: SMS group: Vollautomatische Gesenkschmiedelinie für Kolben

Anhui Anhuang will be one of the first automotive suppliers in the field of massive forming in China capable of manufacturing pistons for cars and trucks in a fully automated process. The company has contracted us to supply a fully automatic closed-die forging line for pistons, which will be completed by an induction heating system for the forging blanks.