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Heinrich Weiss

Portrait photo: SMS group: Heinrich Weiss, Chairman of the Shareholders' Committee

Dear partners and friends of our company,

The market has seen a recovery since the beginning of this year. Most of our customers enjoy a strong economic position and have started to make investments postponed during the past years of crisis and due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to be even closer to the markets, we have given ourselves a new organizational structure. By decentralizing our sales activities on the different continents, we can now even further enhance the support of our customers and learn about new projects very early on. This applies in particular to the Chinese market, where we want to be – also for political reasons – a “Chinese company” for China.

Nevertheless, the technological expertise of our development and engineering departments – in connection with our workshops in Germany – will continue to be the key to our success.

The far-reaching intervention by politics and regulatory bodies in our country has impacted the competitiveness of the German economy for more than a decade. Excessive bureaucracy has been an additional constraint on our entrepreneurial activities.

And, while urgent future-relevant tasks have not been tackled, money has been spent lavishly in the social sector. In numerous areas – digitalization, for example, or corporate taxes – we are now one of the last in the queue in the EU. The necessity of disciplined budgeting seems to be forgotten everywhere in the EU. This means we are living at the cost of the future and future generations.

In this context of virtually irresponsible economic and financial political decision-making, the family-owned companies in Germany keep up a solid position and continue their strong commitment to the well-being of all demographic groups through entrepreneurial success and the creation of future-oriented jobs.

Therefore, we are determined to continue making our contribution to the economic development of Germany in the future, even though this may to an increasing degree necessitate the relocation of unprofitable activities to lower-cost countries.

Also this year, I would like to thank you in the name of our employees, the Management and my family for your trust in our company. We will continue to spare no effort to be – for you – the best company in our industry.

Thank you very much for your trust.

Heinrich Weiss,
Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee