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How we increase the value of facilities – over their entire lifecycle

The moment we pass on responsibility for a plant ready to go on stream often marks the beginning of a new phase of cooperation with our customers. We prefer to stay by their side throughout the complete lifetime of their plants. From training courses and spare parts supplies up to modernization projects and further to full-service maintenance and support in emergencies: Our value-adding portfolio of services is made to ensure our customers can focus on their core business.

We pursue an integrated service approach, in which we closely intermesh the classical areas of Technical Service, Automation and Digitalization. This trio enables us to enhance the performance of our customers’ facilities by the combination of sensor technology, artificial intelligence and predictive maintenance, and – not less importantly – by mechanical equipment services. Moreover, with our data and process models, we achieve quality enhancements and reductions in operational costs. Based on this, we can offer our customers new, performance-dependent business models.

Our global team knows how projects become successful. Because to us the term “project” means more than just the erection of a greenfield facility. We consider the complete lifecycle of an investment and ensure a sustainable increase in efficiency. Our technology updates, for example, make sure our customers can continuously exploit the full potential of a plant. And whenever new market requirements are to be mastered, we will be prepared to react and modernize the equipment accordingly.

By means of our service measures, we are able to improve numerous parameters crucial to the long-term success of a plant, for instance:

  • Productivity
    Increase in plant productivity and availability
  • Efficiency
    Reduction of operating costs and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Quality
    Improvement of primary product quality, reliable attainment of specified material properties
  • Health and safety
    Higher workplace safety for the operating staff, better working conditions
  • Sustainability
    Reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption, resource conservation

We have developed new business models offering our customers long-term added value and strengthening our relationship as partners.

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We manage your lifecycle

A modernization can breathe new life into a plant and make it fit for meeting future market requirements.

The use of advanced engineering tools and digital twins, intensive testing and optimizing of automation systems and existing equipment as well as the in-depth know-how we have acquired in the course of numerous sophisticated upgrades – the combination of all these measures and capacities make our modernization projects so successful.

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We create your asset

Most plants start their lives as a greenfield project. Our global teams of engineers prepare a digital model during the planning and construction phase.

This model is the foundation for the development of all future plant functions and also serves as a basis for the manufacture of components, for integration tests and the training of personnel as well as for assistance and support in plant operation.


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We increase your performance

Markets are constantly changing. To keep up with the development it is vital to consistently adapt the technology of the plant.

We support our customers in tapping the full potential of their facilities as we can provide packages specifically tailored to their plants, customized hardware and software upgrades as well as expansion concepts to adapt plant functions whenever required.

We have developed new business models offering our customers long-term added value and strengthening our relationship as partners.

An example of the Software-as-a-Service business model is the Cracks Preventer from SMS digital. It combines artificial intelligence, metallurgical expertise and data know-how. This intelligent combination predicts defects and associated breakouts during casting and suggests corrective action in real time. The Cracks Preventer focuses on preventing cracks in the cast material, making it an essential part of the predictive quality system.

Many of our customers are looking for options to reduce investments and the amount of tied-up capital while focusing on their core activities. We can offer them models for components, machines and ancillary equipment they no longer have to buy. Instead, we make them available to our customers in combination with further services. Our Equipment-as-a-Service business models cover performance and service packages individually tailored to the customer’s requirements, but with an enhanced scope as compared to conventional service contracts. This way, we can even improve operational processes that have been continuously optimized by our customers on the basis of their many years of experience. A simple Pay-per-Use financing model helps our customers reduce the costs of major investments in plant equipment.

Selection of our innovative lifecycle offers

Cracks Preventer

Photo: SMS group: An employee wearing protective goggles stands in front of a monitor and looks at the machine learning model

Machine learning model predicting cracks and resulting breakouts

Thread View

Photo: SMS group: View of an online measuring system

Autonomous, optical, online measuring system for OCTG threads


Photo: SMS group: View of a downcoiler

Maximizing the performance of core components (mandrel, pinch/wrapper rolls)

Forging plants

Photo: SMS group: An employee wearing a safety helmet looks at a monitor and operates a forging machine.

High-tech standard forging solutions with full-line digital service and consulting package