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For our customer Steel Dynamics Inc. in the USA, we are establishing an unparalleled steelworks including CSP® NEXUS plant.

The city of Sinton in the state of Texas, USA, is home to the new steelworks of Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI). With an annual production capacity of more than 3 million short tons (2.7 million metric tons) of steel, the plant is setting new standards in productivity. After a construction period of just two years, the plant complex will go on stream in the second half of 2021 and produce the latest generation of advanced, high-strength steel with strengths of up to 100 kilopounds per square inch (about 700 megapascals). These strong materials are used for architectural applications or for building light-weight car bodies, among other things.

SMS group: Map of the USA, marked with the location Sinton, Texas
A whole region is going to benefit from the construction of SDI’s new steel production line. The infrastructure is being developed and new jobs created.

SDI selected SMS group to supply a complete steel production line: from the meltshop to the CSP® NEXUS plant, further to the combined pickling line/tandem cold mill, the galvanizing line and an offline skin-pass mill. The new, high-performance continuous caster, in combination with the proven thermomechanical rolling process, will allow the production of special steels in unprecedented dimensions. The Texas mill will have capabilities beyond existing electric arc furnace flat roll steel producers, enabling it to produce a maximum strip thickness of 1 inch (25.4 millimeters) with a strip width of 84 inches (2,134 millimeters).

Key facilities

1 – Steelworks

Foto: SMS group: Ansicht eines Stahlwerks

The steelworks will be equipped with two electric arc furnaces, two twin ladle furnaces and a double vacuum tank degasser.

2 – Caster

Photo: SMS group: View of a caster; CSP continuous casting plant

For its new production line, SDI counts on a CSP® caster designed as single-strand curved mold plant.

3 – CSP®-Roughing Mill

Photo: SMS group: View of a CSP road in front of the plant.

The CSP® roughing mill will have two mill stands.

4 – CSP®-Finishing Mill

Photo: SMS group: View of a CSP production line

The finishing mill will consist of six further stands designed for the thermo-mechanical rolling process and for rolling special X80 steel grades.

5 – Pickling Line / Tandem Cold Mill

Photo: SMS group: View of a pickling/tandem line

The pickling line/tandem cold mill downstream of the CSP® plant will have five stands and apply the latest turbulence technology.

6 – Temper Mill

Photo: SMS group: View of a skin pass mill

SDI’s new skin-pass mill will be able to process hot and cold rolled strip, however, with the focus on cold skin-passing.

7 – Galvanizing Line

Photo: SMS group: View of a galvanising line

The continuous galvanizing line will provide all conditions needed to process high-strength steel grades.

Photo: SMS group: View of roller stands in a hall, with employees wearing safety helmets walking in between.
Each of the mill stands for SDI weighs 160 tons.
Photo: SMS group: View of roller stands in a hall, with employees wearing safety helmets walking in between.
Each of the mill stands for SDI weighs 160 tons.

In our global workshops we produce the high-tech equipment for our customer SDI that is being installed in Sinton. Despite the Corona pandemic, we were able to deliver even the heaviest plant components, such as the mill stands, to the construction site. Now, we are looking forward to the commissioning phase in which we will once again prove that SMS group is the Leading Partner in the World of Metals.

Roger Smith,
Project Director SDI, SMS group
Photo: SMS group: 2 employees in black tops talking and planning with the Plug & Work concept
The Plug & Work concept saves valuable time ahead of the installation and commissioning phase.

Integration has a long track record

In addition to mechanical equipment, we also supply electrical and automation system components and provide technical support to our customers during installation and commissioning. Before installing the equipment at SDI’s site, the complete automation system is tested and pre-optimized at our in-house test centers. This way we make sure all functions are in perfect harmony right from the beginning and the production processes will run smoothly. The integration test has been known as the Plug & Work test for many years. Plug & Work helps to significantly shorten the period of commissioning and to accelerate the ramp-up phase. Additionally, the integration test offers the opportunity for the future operating staff to be trained by SMS group experts on the original control desks.

Trusting partnership

What makes such a large-scale project successful? The answer is: teamwork – within SMS group, but also with subsuppliers and, last but not least, with the customer. Constructing the new steelworks complex in Sinton, we are continuing the efficient and trust-based partnership with SDI that dates back to 1993. Our scope of supply will satisfy the customer’s demands on product quality in hot strip production. Through this project, SDI will be in an excellent position to make products for the rapidly expanding markets of high-strength steel tubes, multi-phase steels for vehicle construction and structural steels.


  • With an annual capacity
    of 3 million short tons
    (2.7 million metric tons)
    the new steel plant
    complex will set new
    standards in plant
  • The supply scope
    of SMS group covers
    two electric arc
    furnaces, a CSP®
    plant, a pickling
    line/tandem cold
    mill, a skin-pass
    mill and a
    galvanizing line.
  • From the middle of 2021
    on, the works will
    produce high-strength
    steel tubes,
    multi-phase steels
    for the automotive
    industry and
    structural steel.